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Gator Bait

Hi my name is Gator, Gator Bait, Gate, or handsome man if you prefer to call me. I am 1.5 years old. My mommy noticed I started barely finishing food in early July 2021, but everyone said I would eat when I was ready. While she was in Mexico, I completely stopped eating and being playful/social. The morning after she got back 7/14, I was rushed to the ER Vet after my normal vet found something bad on my ultrasound in my tummy. I stayed at the ER Vet for 3 1/2 days bc I was so anemic and they took samples from my tummy to test for lymphoma and FIP. Due to my deteriorating state, my mommy and GramGram went ahead and started me on GS to be proactive in case.
My mommy is a middle school teacher, so she doesn’t make a lot of money to support me. She needs help from anyone possible to save “her handsome little man”. Please help me and her if you can!

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