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This is Gator, a Cornish Rex. At approximately 8 months old, he started to lose weight and have diarrhea. I was hoping he just had a stomach bug, bit then I noticed he was jaundice and knew something else was going on. I took him to the vet and they did blood work which pointed towards FIP. Unfortunately, years ago I had two other cats pass away from FIP, so I knew things didn't look good for Gator. Knowing there was a promising treatment, I sought information from the FIP Warriors group on Facebook. Instead of spending money on more tests that wouldn't and couldn't definitively confirm FIP, I decided to spend the money on starting treatment for Gator. I figured we had nothing to lose. We started his treatment on February 23, 2020. He was a real champ for all 84 of his daily injections (I'm sure the chicken treats after each injection helped). May 17, 2020 was the last day of his injections and he entered the 84 days of observation. During that time, he was neutered without any complications or set backs and on June 6, 2020 he got to celebrate his first birthday! August 9, 2020 was his last day of observation and if now considered cured of FIP. I hope one day this cure will be available to everyone who needs it without being cost prohibitive.