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Your Story: A few years back, I met a man named Peter Cohen at the first CatCon in Los Angeles. He had a booth for Zen by Cat and it caught my eye because he was promoting funding and research for a cure for FIP. Having lost a kitten back in 2011 to this horrible disease, I was very familiar with the subject. I became a monthly donor to Zen by cat, and unfortunately, in September, my little foster kitten, Fred, was diagnosed with FIP. I bottle-fed this kitten from the day he was born and he is so near and dear to me, I was devastated. I remembered the Zen by Cat website and immediately went there looking for info. I found a link to the FIP warriors page and got to work reading the FAQs and stories from other people dealing with this disease. I made the decision to start him on treatment, because at that point there was nothing to lose. Fred was on his deathbed and the vet gave him two days max with palliative care. One hour after his first injection (and I am not exaggerating), Fred got off the sofa for the first time in two days and went to his food bowl and ate. Within 24 hours his fever had dropped from 106° to 102°. Within 48 hours, Fred was running through the house like his tail was on fire, playing, and eating everything in sight. We are now on day 69 of treatment and you would never know he had ever been sick. I am so grateful to Peter, and all of the new friends we’ve made on the FIP Warriors page for their help and encouragement. This is nothing short of a miracle- FIP is no longer a death sentence. I am so happy to have this sweet boy in my life, and hopefully he will be here for years to come. Thank you so much to Zen by Cat and FIP warriors for saving #TeamFred!

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