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Fran our beautiful tabby cat was diagnosed with FIP (feline infectious peritonitis). Up until now this illness has been considered a death sentence for cats. A new treatment has emerged and has allowed kitties diagnosed with FIP a chance at life! However this life saving treatment does not come cheaply. We have spent over $6,000 on Fran so far on medicine, vet visits, and supplements to help her heal. We have paid this all up front and are now asking for help to fundraise the rest of the treatment costs.

Let me tell you our story and more about why I will do whatever it takes to save our sweet girl.

We got Fran as a baby from an accidental litter in June of 2018. About two months later we adopted her sister Meg, from the same litter. They are polydactyl tabby mixes with a hint of calico. I had never had a cat before and Fran was my first and then suddenly within a short time I  was a crazy cat lady!! (wouldn’t have it any other) They were spayed and had all vaccinations and always were 2 healthy girls! Or so we thought....

In September of 2019, Meg was due for her yearly vaccinations including rabies. Everything went fine at the vet and as soon as we returned to the car to go home Meg began seizing. I rushed her back in as soon as she started seizing and they informed me Meg had gone into anaphylactic shock from the rabies vaccine! (extremely rare, not even our vet had seen this happen before) Our little Meg didn’t make it after suffering this..Let me tell you that it was HARD. We grieved our sweet girl and she lives on everyday in Fran and our memories ❤️

Fast forward about 9 months and Fran begins to start acting strange and losing weight.

Fran was diagnosed with dry FIP in late July of 2020, she was like a bag of bones, 6 lbs, wouldn’t eat anything and all she ever did was sleep and would never leave my side. At the time of her diagnosis we also learned she was FeLV+

We started treatment as soon as possible and I’m not kidding when I say it is life changing. Within a few days Fran began to eat again and have life in her eyes! After a few weeks she actually wanted to play! We are on day 80 of treatment and Fran is now 11 lbs, she eats, and she plays, and is a sassy girl! She is a brand new cat!! This medicine is literally magic in a bottle.

Day 84 is usually when cats go into the observation period, however,  our last bloodwork to hopefully allow us to stop treatment did not go as well as we hoped. We will need to continue treatment for another 4 or more weeks and had to switch to pills, because with our large dose injections are not going well. Because Fran is FeLV + we had to use a higher dose than most and go through meds more quickly. With having to switch to pills we are looking at $110 a day.

I love Fran so much and couldn’t stand to lose both my kitties in under 2 years. With all the progress we have made I couldn’t imagine stopping treatment or giving up on Fran’s chance at survival. We would appreciate anything to help our Fran girl continue treatment. It is really hard for me to ask for help especially monetary, but this is all for Fran and to help her kick FIP’s butt! If you have made it this far, thank you for reading our story  and please pray for Fran ❤️

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