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Our battle with FIP has been nothing but a roller coaster so far. Flouf came to us as a foster kitten along with her sister from a local shelter in December 2019. Flouf’s sister got sick so the shelter took her back and they later told me she had FIP, and that they started her on this experimental treatment but we later found out that sadly she didn't make it. In January 2020 we officially adopted Flouf.

In February, our other cat Denzel got really sick. After the vet removed fluids in his lungs twice during the day, he told us Denzel had the wet form of FIP and that we should consider euthanizing him that same day. Luckily, I had heard of the GS treatment so I contacted the shelter we adopted Flouf from and they put me in contact with the FIP warriors community! Denzel finished his treatment on May 11th and he is doing great, he is currently in his observation period!

Early April Flouf started having a cloudy eye. She was also treated for URI and herpes at the time so we didn't think it was FIP at first. We took her to the ophthalmologist who diagnosed her with mild uveitis. Her eye wasn't improving and she started having other neurological symptoms, until finally on April 27th she couldn't lift her back legs anymore. We then knew that she had neuro/ occular FIP. We were devastated, just when Denzel was finishing his treatment, we had to start the whole process again.

We already had GS (hero) at home so we were able to start treatment right away and she improved fast. 3 weeks later her uveitis is gone and she is running again, she still can't jump but is getting more and more confident. She started having some face swelling that lasted 4 days, after a few visits to the vet they said it was due to FIP and that her body was just going through a lot and was reacting (like hives). She also developed some bad sores that we are treating with Clavamox. Apart from that, she is a happy kitty and the most precious soul ever! She improved so much and we are so proud of her!

So after countless visits to the vet, and with me not being able to work due to COVID we are in a tough place. First, diagnosing Denzel and later treating him was already a huge financial burden. And now we have to take care of Flouf and the vet bills are piling up. That's why we are asking for help to finish Flouf’s treatment! ❤️❤️
We love her so much and we know it's worth it as we saw with Denzel, how there is always hope.
Thank you 🤍

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