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Fitz and I met when he was around 8 weeks old at the animal shelter I volunteered at. I had just lost my childhood pet a few months prior, and it was like the world clicked again when I saw Fitz. I knew immediately he was my baby. I watched him grow over the months as he became a little tyrant, knocking over everything and causing trouble in typical kitten fashion. That changed just after his first birthday. He became lethargic, would no longer eat, his eyes stopped being blue, and was running a fever we couldn’t beat. He didn’t want to cuddle or fetch anymore. A month and many tests later, we still weren’t sure. It wasn’t until a friend who is a hospice vet noticed he had fluid in his abdomen that we knew for sure it was FIP. Our family decided that this little boy was worth it to us and we would do whatever we could to save him. Treatment arrived two days later and we began. Within a few days he was eating on his own. He came to cuddle more. His eyes became less cloudy and the blue returned to them. We are still at the beginning stages, day 16 as of writing this, but we have hope that our boy can fight this. I also want to help educate others on the process of treatment. Fitz has a Facebook page at Fitz the Toasty Warrior where you can see his daily progress, both the highs and the lows. I know a lot of what I learned before treatment I learned from personal blogs about other survivors. I know how vital these resources are, and I hope we become one of them. Additionally, his GoFundMe and coaster fundraiser are also linked there. My little snowshoe boy is strong, and I believe he can beat this horrible disease!