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Just a few days ago Finn underwent exploratory surgery for what we thought was an obstruction in his small intestine.  Unfortunately no foreign bodies were found and instead they found that his intestines were incredibly inflamed and he had fluid in his chest cavity which is leading the vet to believe that he has FIP.  This is the most devastating news that we could have possibly gotten.  Finny is the best thing that has happened to our family in a long time and we want to do anything and everything to give him a fighting chance to beat this horrific disease.  More often than not this is a death sentence, however with the help from some amazing people at Rezdawg Rescue and the wonderful support from FIP Warriors we finally have some hope to grasp on to.  Unfortunately as most of you know the medication is incredibly expensive!  While we can't put a price on our sweet Finn's life the expense of this is extremely frightening.  I realize that there are cheaper options for medication however with the spread of the coronavirus in China, those more affordable medications are not available at this time which makes our only option (and sadly the most expensive option) Mutian.   I am asking for help from all friends near and far.  Absolutely anything helps!  If we can keep him on these medications for 12 weeks he has the chance to live out his life with his family.  I appreciate you all taking the time to read this.  Please send lots of healing prayers and energy Finn's way as we are about to embark on our journey to save our sweet boy.  

With much appreciation and love, 
The Rebel family.

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