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My story with my mama started at Cat Therapy. A few weeks before I was adopted, My mama adopted my foster sister from Cat Therapy.

A few weeks later, she wanted to donate money to Cat Therapy on Clear The Shelters Day! My mama found out that I, my sisters foster brother, was still there and that could NOT happen! She took me home immediately.

The next day, my mom knew something was very wrong. I had no energy, I was not hungry, and I was very hot.  She later learned that I had been on antibiotics and antivirals for weeks and my fever  has maintained.

She took me to her vet and they put me on two more types of antibiotics to see if anything would change. .  it did not. I then got an abdominal ultrasound and chest and thorax x-rays. I did not have fluid but there was some  enlarged lymph nodes in my abdomen and the vet said we might want to look  into Dry FIP.

Thank goodness I had two previous blood panels done before I came to my mama because it was the TRENDS in my blood work that FIP became the most reasonable diagnosis.

My mom researched FIP like a mad woman and came across the FIP Warrior page. Once a member, she was greeted by the most loving and supportive humans. They looked over all of my (now) 4 blood works and explained how GS could help. My mom bought 7 days of Mutain pills to see if I responded.

Within 24 hours, I started to PLAY!  Within 36, I was eating normally.  I am now on day 10 and the improvements keep coming. I play a lot, eat A LOT, and still make the best biscuits in town while I snuggle my mom at night! I have gained 1 pound and my fever is gone.

I am so thankful for the research that has gone in to FIP. I am thankful for the love and support of people who have helped me so far. I am thankful for days where I feel like a normal kitten.

Thank you Zen Cat for all that you do for us.