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Our 1 1/2 year old was diagnosed with FIP in December of 2019. We adopted Finn and his two brothers (and their Mom - Mimmi!) - from a shelter when they were only 3 months old. We noticed Finn wasn’t progressing like his brothers. At some point, he stopped playing and started sleeping a lot. He was urinating outside the box and our vet at the time wanted to put him on Prozac! She thought for sure this was a behavioral issue. My gut was - NO WAY! I’m not putting a 1 year old on Prozac. There is a bigger problem here. Go with your gut. We know our cats better than anyone. Thanks to a great internist, we got a diagnosis of FIP from an aspirated lymph node. Finn was treated with Mutian injectable for 84 days. Improving every week. We are now half way through our observation period and his blood work is perfect. Lymph nodes shrinking. Energy level - through the roof! He is our FIP warrior! Finn is the middle guy in this photo. Alive and happy with his brothers ❤️