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Finn is currently more than halfway through observation. Things are looking promising; but let's start from the beginning. I adopted Finn when he was 3; he had been relinquished by a family that did not care for him, and no one wanted to adopt him for over a year. I loved Finn from the day I met him, and was quickly approved to take him home. He learned tricks and loves adventures; he went on an RV trip to Idaho with me and a friend.

When he was 4.5, I discovered he lost 4 lbs (12 down to 8) at an annual vet visit. Soon thereafter, he virtually stopped eating and using the litter box. This led to a night at the animal hospital for a blood transfusion. No matter what we tried, it seemed to be unsuccessful. It was very stressful, and I couldn't bear the thought of Finn dying after only a year together.

I took a leap of faith and signed up for the FIP treatment; Finn was down to 6.3 lbs and had mere days to live, and Dry FIP was in the realm of possibility along with Lymphoma. He was essentially on his death bed, and I had even spoken to a local vet who assists with the rainbow bridge crossing at people's homes.

A week later, he was back up to 6.5 lbs. Not much, but enough to keep trying out this new treatment. It was something positive. A few weeks later, he kept slowly gaining weight and his bloodwork looked better. We were more and more confident that Dry FIP was the cause. The treatment continued for the 12 weeks, with increasing doses. Finn had reached 10.8 lbs by the time we moved to observation.

Currently we are more than halfway through observation and things are looking good, although it's not over until it's over. 11.8 lbs, good bloodwork although taking a liver supplement now, some eye scarring from the FIP but they still function normally (for now). Finn is eating a ton; my theory is he was subclinical for months and contracted FIP at the shelter, as he never used to finish his wet food completely. He turns 5 next month.

If it weren't for this lifesaving treatment, Finn would be dead. It may be expensive and an emotional roller coaster, but it is all worth it. Even if he has some vision problems down the road, we are here now and have our time together. These vets are doing God's work.