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My husband adopted Finn after seeing him advertised on FB in 2015, when Finn came home he was he a tiny little scrap that I even checked that he was old enough to leave mum. After approx 2 months he began to present with failure to thrive, lack of appetite and generally not behaving like a kitten should. After having numerous tests and examinations vets thoughts went towards FIP, due to his belly feeling fluidy, His bloods were sent to Glasgow University and seen by Dr Addie. We commenced treatment and Finn started on FOI daily for nxt 2half years and vitamin B12 injections, also at start of treatment antibiotics, he was on fluid supplement as required to prevent dehydration. It was a struggle to try and get him to eating, we were trying so many things.. But he gradually picked up and started having grain free foods and applaws withpumpkin.. So turned a corner when started eating. Finn was neutered at age of 2ys as was well enough for procedure,. He continued to have flare ups with his FIP, vets had taken him off FOI as he had improved and his bloods were excellent but unfortunately he went down hill and kept having random temperature spikes. Finn improved once we put him back on FOI.. For a few months. Finn started to become unwell in July/aug 2018, we had been back and forth to vets with Finn again high temperatures, they said no fluid or mass could be felt. Vet said abdomen felt doughy.. But no scan required. I returned with Finn in Sept as as he was not well again, he was off his food.. The vet said he needed some dental work (not our usual vet) also that Finn had Wet FIP which was a big shock to me. I phoned our usual vet the next day and asked to make an app , as wanted Finn to get a full check by someone who knew him. our vet picked up that he had yellowish tinge to his gums and did bloodwork Inc bilirubin and extensive bloods to send to Glasgow University. Finns bilirubin levels came back at 150 and that's when they admitted him and did 2seperate scans checking chest for fluid, which was negative. Unfortunately Finns abdominal scan showed extremely large aggressive mass which was also entwined in his intestines. Unfortunately due to size and and Finn health with FIP, he couldn't fight both of these horrible illnesses.. He had been at vets for 3days on IV fluids, opiods pain relief, appetite stimulant,. On the 3rd day Finn started to develop weakness in his back legs, we decided to bring Finn home and let him be in his own home when the time came to let him go. Finn was fairly settled once at home, within a few hours Finn lost function in backlegs and bladder. Finn just wanted to be cuddled and we didn't leave his side.. I phoned for vet to come out following morning and they were shocked in how quick he had deteriorated and how bloated he had become. Finn was peacefully Pts on 26thSeptember 2018