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Fifi is a cat who truly lived nine lives. Starting as her young life by experiencing a house fire, to living in a home where she wasn't being loved, to coming to our home where she knew it would be home forever she has lived a life of strength and tenacity. Fifi's story with FIP began in the Fall of 2016 when she began exhibiting symptoms similar to IBD. It wasn't until too long that during the winter of 2017 she began vomiting and losing weight rapidly. By the Spring of 2017, she had an abdominal ultrasound done by an internal medicine veterinarian who suggested that she didn't have much longer to live based on the inflammation in her GI system. However, we weren't ready to give up on her that quickly. We began consulting with our main veterinarian about options to reduce the inflammation and decided to go for a sub-total colectomy, which quite frankly saved her life. Unfortunately, when they biopsied her colon they found she had dry FIP. We quickly learned that her time would be coming sooner than we wanted. It was between June 2017 and now that we have given her the best year that we could, appreciating every moment and showing her how loved she was. Most cats aren't given the opportunity to life for a year past their diagnosis like she was. For this, we are forever grateful that she was a "Super Cat" as the vet deemed her. On May 31, 2018 she crossed the rainbow bridge after fighting the good fight. Fifi the Fighter, we will love you forever and always.