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FernGully was brought into the emergency clinic I work at for an upper respiratory infection. The previous owner opted to euthanize her but I took over her care instead. I was not expecting the constant trips back and forth to the vet with one problem after another, but she’s family and I would do anything for her. One day we woke up and she was paralyzed and completely blind. This time I was given the diagnosis of FIP. I was told there was no treatment, euthanasia was in her best interest. I was very close to euthanizing her, but the kindhearted vet told me we might have a little more time if we try antibiotics and steroids. Christmas morning she regained her eyesight and the ability to walk. We found treatment for FIP and now she is fighting for her life. We now call her our little Christmas miracle. We are praying she will make it past kittenhood to live a full filling life.

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