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Hi there!

My name is Ezra, I am one year and a half years old and a rescue cat living here in Koh Samui-Thailand. I have been living a normal and happy life of a cat and most importantly been fed lots of food and loved a hell of a lot!

So my life was just perfect until my belly started to get bigger and bigger each day and I became more and more tired, I slept sooooo much (even for a cat they say!). We went to this lovely Thai vet the next day and she only had to look at me to give a diagnosis of FIP which is caused by a mutation of a feline coronavirus. This coronavirus, being everywhere in cats but not the same one as you hooomans are experiencing at the moment. Its mutations are really rare, however sometimes they occur and lead to FIP as a result. Without a proper treatment I might have a week, maybe a month… in reality no one knows, how long I still have. And I am just going to feel worse and worse, since we are just in the beginning. But hey, I still have a strong appetite and I behave quite normally, just my enlarged stomach makes it difficult to walk at the moment.

My mum did not want to give up, so she started her research and asked other cat-doctors for help. And then finally she has come across one medicine, which had been used to treat cats with FIP in other countries. We have checked thoroughly all the publications and the treatment seems extremely promising! Yay for me especially considering my young age and good general condition. The new drug on the market is called GS441524 -- it has not been approved by the FDA in the US or any other country as feline medicine is not exactly at the top of their list (especially now more than ever). So, those mums and dads desperate to save us kitties from this virus are forced to seek out unconventional options. The GS drug is available in Bangkok and my mum can obtain it from the most lovely and most helpful lady there. 🥰

There is just one problem: the treatment is not only very long but also extremely expensive. And it should start as fast as possible, to provide the highest chance for me to feel better and completely recover. It will involve daily injections of this drug for 12 weeks with each injection costing 700baht (£17 or $21) so that amounts to a total of 60,000 baht (£1400 or $1800) for the full treatment.

My humans are dedicated to saving me as the love me soo much, and we need your help to raise funds to start and continue my treatment. Please donate any amount you can, I’ve been dealt a very crappy hand in life.

Thank you so much.

We are greatly saddened to report that Ezra lost his battle with FIP today (041820).   RIP Ezra.