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A year and a half ago my wife came to me with the picture of a young female cat that was in a kill shelter scheduled to be euthanized the next day, we both felt really sorry for her and decided to adopt her, they kept her locked in a cage for days without food and she was so skinny nobody noticed she was pregnant, well she gave birth to the 5 most beautiful kittens you've ever seen. Their names: Europa, Copernico, Newton, Miranda and Ada. 10 months after they were born we lost Newton because of ocular / neurologic FIP and it was devastating to us because a year before we had lost another black kitty that looked just like him, after the terrible incident we thought that FIP wouldn't come back again to us but we were wrong, some months after Newton got sick Europa started to show some non specific symptoms. So we took her to the vet and got some antibiotics and fluid therapy and she looked much better and improved for around a week and then she started to act lethargic, her coat was rough and she lost a lot of weight so we began suspecting it could be FIP, we took her to the vet again this time they did bloodwork and an ultrasound on her and when the results came back it was almost a fact that it was FIP, her A/G ratio was in 0.20 and they found a little bit of fluid in her belly with the US, it was a very hard pill to swallow and we were devastated thinking that we were going to have to say good bye to our beautiful kitty just like we had to do with her brother, my wife was more resigned than I was saying, if it's FIP we know the outcome so we'll try to enjoy our time with her as much as we can, one day I felt particularly troubled with the idea of having to say goodbye to Europa that I checked the CatVirus website and I found out about a cure for FIP, from there I was directed to zenbycat and FIP Warriors and I started to find out the stories about the kitties that were in treatment and were having wonderful results. We did what we could to get the medicine even though it was a huge financial strain for us, and it was quite an adventure to introduce it to Mexico, by the time it arrived our Europa was very ill but I had faith that she'd recover.

As soon as we gave her the first shot 12 hours later we started to see her more active, more interested in food and doing little things that she used to do, and we were excited and happy, since day two she really started eating and a week after she was beginning to sprint around the house and follow me for food. We are on day 15 now and she still has some trouble and hesitation jumping but she's improving everyday. I don't have words to express my gratitude with Dr Pedersen and the administrators of ZenByCat and FIP warriors for helping me save the life of our kitty!

UPDATE: Please see comments below for update as Europa is now officially an FIP Survivor:)