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Shortly after his adoption, our nightmare began. Fever,less motivation, no appetite, nothing helped him to get better. After 3 weeks of treatment with Interferon,Steroids,Antibiotics, Cortison and Ringer solution,visits to the vet every 2 days, he got ascites and we sent it for a real virus PCR. It finally proofed, what we knew already, but still had hoped for something else. That weekend, when our vet asked us to consider letting him go soon, we discovered a link on Instagram by accident to the FB group and luckily we started treatment on 16.July. At Day 4 of treatment, his appetite came back. We already had to feed him by syringe. We had been over the top happy to see him eating by himself. On Day 6 he started playing and he improved more and more.His fur got soft again.We are now on Day 43, and new BW shows the A/G increased from 0.2 to 0.4. All organs are ok, not anemic anymore.He is acting like a young cat should do. In all manners. We are still fighting, but our Erik is a warrior. Follow us on Instagram (Erik_Supercat), maybe you can help us on gofundme, everys Euro counts for us (link on Instagram bio)