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Elsa was diagnosed with FIP almost on her 1st Birthday - in May 2019. She was adopted from the shelter 4 months earlier. First symptoms were not so obvious - she had running eyes and diarrhea, then temperature which was not reacting to any treatment. Then slowly she started being more and more lethargic and didn't want to eat. After blood test and ultrasound FIP was confirmed - there was already fluid in her abdomen. Vet told us she has maybe a few weeks left to live. I spent a whole weekend reseraching the disease, crying and praying for a miracle. And that's when by coinsidence I found a facebook group with a medicine called GS. I contacted a person who was treating her cat and asked for details. I must say I had many doubts. But after 2 days of discussions and brainstorm we decided to give it a try - thinking that when she dies, we can at least tell to ourselves we tried absolutely everything. After the second dosage she started being more active and eating more. After one week her belly came back to the normal size. After 2 weeks there was absolutely no sign of sickness left. We finished 84 days of injections in August. Elsa is perfectly healthy cat. Her results are improving even without GS. She is full of energy and as our vet says "happy of being alive".