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I had saved my little kitty from the street in October, on 24th December 2019, my vet visited my cat and suspected Fip, just watching his abdomen and due to his symptoms of fever, apathy and lack of appetite. We started our exams that confirmed that diagnosis: wet FIP and poor hope to survive, as there was no knowledge of an effective treatment. My vet told me she had heard of an experimental cure, and started my personal research on the internet. On IG kept in contact with a Warrior's parent, she introduced me to the international group, and Donatella, the Italian admin, called me eventually. Time, the time is essential for being successful. I used the injection formula, 84 shots and only oral vitamin b, hepatoprotector and omega 3. He started to change after the eighth jab, gained weight, started eating and playing as all normal kitties. He lost his stripes, and became a wonderful white and orange cat!