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This year on 2018 June 26, we lost our cat Doogers to wet FIP. It was strange to us how she was way less active, laying down with her front legs stretched out, only ate turkey and drank just milk. She started to seem boney too so we took her to the vet in hopes that they could treat her. Sadly, we were told of FIP for the first time and that she only had a few days or a week. My mother and I were very broken up about this and decided ultimately, she should be put down now to stop her suffering. My mother held her while I stood in front of Doogers who just seemed to stare at me before the two shots were given. We had found and rescued her on Setember 15th 2013. We have recovered since her death and will be getting her ashes soon. I hope she's in a better place now along with all the other cats who have passed because of this virus. Hopefully they'll find a cure for this horrible sickness one day.