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Donkey "Mee Mee"

Donkey was unconditional love in cat form. Since he shed his little cat suit, we can still feel his gentle loving spirit. Since the very beginning Donkey was always a good boy. He was sweet, kind and a perfect gentleman. Those big loving moon eyes, I would look into them and my heart would melt. Looking into those eyes brought such comfort. Those slow I love you blinks filled our hearts with such happiness. I've never met a little soul as perfect as him. He was the epitome of pure love. we knew he loved us and he knew we loved him oh so much. He loved being in the sun. that was one of his favorite places to be,In the sun,in his petzone. When Donkey was diagnosed with fip i was heartbroken and so was the family.We made him as comfortable as we could until the end. Donkey" Mee Mee" Passed away January 2,2019. he would 13,almost 14 .I had him since i was 19 and theres still a hole in my heart from losing the best son bon con ever. We love you our Mee Mee and miss you so much. xoxo Love and love