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It's finally here. 12 Long weeks of daily injections, temperature taking, constant vet visits.....over! Yesterday was Dempsey's last injection of the trial drug we received at UC Davis back in May. We are excited to share that we received an email from Dr. Pedersen last night that said Dempsey's current blood work looks as normal as normal can be! No sign of FIP! Dempsey's weight is up to almost 11 lbs, his temperature has remained normal since day one of the trial, he is eating well, playing hard & is so happy and so full of life! We are still cautious, but optimistic. We remain in contact with Dr. Pedersen and the team at UC Davis and hope that Dempsey will forever be rid of that horrible, fatal disease and this will be the beginning of finding a cure for all kitties, once and for all! Thank you to everyone that made the trip for his treatment possible! And thank you to everyone who prayed, sent love, and words of encouragement! We couldn't have done it without you and, Dempsey wouldn't be here to bring so much joy to our lives! We are forever grateful! 😻 #beatFIP