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This is Darwin or Mr. Darwin as I call him. He's a 1-year-old sphynx, my first cat I've ever owned, and the absolute sweetest boy. I rescued him in mid February of this year. When I got him they mentioned he was sick when he was little but thats all. He had a pretty bad diarrhea fairly often but vets just said he had a sensitive stomach so I changed his food and limited treats which seemed to work. About 2 months ago (july 2020) he seemed to be lethargic, depressed and anorexic. The vet didn't have much to say until 3 weeks later he had what they thought was an upper respiratory infection. 2 rounds of antibiotics later and he seemed better but still wouldn't play or be himself really. The vet decided on round 3 of antibiotics and a steroid to break the high fever. Around September 5th I noticed him getting wobbly when he walked. On September 14th he went to get off his perch to go to his litterbox and fell. He made it about 3 feet and couldn't hold it in so he pooped everywhere. I took him over to his litter box and he just sat down and started clawing into the carpet. He shut his eyes like he was trying to steady himself but just started violently swaying back and forth while having diarrhea. I rush to our emergency vet and after hours of waiting and tests he tells me he thinks it's possible its FIP. Going off his bloodwork and symptoms it didn't look good. The vet mentioned an experimental medication (GS-441524) that in clinical studies has shown great results but wasn't sure of its availability. As of September 16th he was unable to walk very far as his back legs give out and go to the bathroom when I place him on a pee pad. I hand fed him his meals and took him to the bathroom as needed. After sleepless nights and constant research, I found the experimental medicine along with a group of people who have fought FIP with their cat. I decided at this point I'm desperate to save my boy. So I got in contact with one of the admin and started treatment. I'm a college student so the price of the medication is definitely taking its toll. With all of the medical bills leading up to this (2000+) and then the actual cost of the medication (2100+) it has been rough. We are now on day 5 of treatment and he is able to walk a bit, use the bathroom alone, eat mostly by himself and is just overall so much better.

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