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Dalilah Isabelle

Dalilah was 5 months and 20 days old when I took her to the vet that Wed. morning. She was having trouble breathing. She just got over a respiratory infection the week before. She also had an eye ulcer recently. The vet listened to her lungs and said it sounded like fluid. He talked to me about FIP. He wanted to get an xray and it came back showing fluid on or in Dalilah's lungs. The vet spoke to me about the FIP again and hoped the fluid would come back showing something other than FIP. The vet had to sedate Dalilah to get some fluid off her lungs so he could look at that more clearly. When Dalilah came out of sedation she struggled to breathe and was on oxygen. The vet told me the dreaded news. I begged for a miracle drug and asked about surgery. Sadly the vet told me that he could make her comfortable and take fluid off her lungs but it would just build back up and she would suffer and probably die within 2 days. So I did the hardest thing that I have ever had to do and decided to put Dalilah to rest. I held her and cried and apologized and she took her last breath in my arms. This is a HORRIBLE disease. I hope they will find a cure someday so other kittens and owners do not have to go through this. I have a 19 m. cat at home that I now worry about and hope he does not get this terrible disease that took my sweet baby girl's life. She could have lived a long, fun, spoiled life with me and my son. We are devastated.