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I am unwillingly using this path of contact, but I believe that this is the only opportunity to reach as many people as possible and try to face the situation that has happened to us.

We received the message on 30th JAN 2020 - our almost 2-year-old cat CZUCZU fell ill with FIP.

As you know FIP is for cats fatal disease and without the appropriate experimental drug it simply won't survive. As current situation shows that only one brand can be trusted - we are afraid to use soomething that could decline our cat.

There are already at least a few cats in Poland in which this drug has completely blocked the multiplication of the virus and restored the health of animals and the joy of their owners.
I am asking you for help in sharing this message with as many people as possible - let it reach the widest possible range.

Currently we are today (09th FEB 2020) after 6th shot and we see great improvement in Czuczu's behavior - he is very brave - please help us keep him live and stay with us for many more years!
If You would like to donate couple $ that would be great support for us. Whole treatment will costs approx. 25000 PLN, which is roughly $6500. Please help us to make it happen!

The link below to donate is called ZRZUTKA.PL and it is a Polish non-profit organization sharing fundraisers - due to the fact that I am not an American Citizen and GoFundMe does not support operating in Poland yet, I was forced to put it on Polish servers.

Czuczu's Pages:


ZRZUTKA.PL (Polish site similar to GoFundMe)