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I am a current graduate student and my kitty and I have been having a rough go finishing off his treatment due to the fact that I had a knee reconstruction and lost  Cramér's brother to neuro FIP last year. Cramér and his brother had a rough start to life coming from an abusive home full of various parasitic infections and covered in their own waste. Unfortunately his brother was unable to make it through and developed FIP shortly after being adopted.

Cramér's FIP journey started off as floor-bound neuro in early January and was totally unable to walk, but is at present healthier than he's ever been thanks to antiviral therapy for FIP, reminding me at every chance he gets that he can still run around and pounce on me while I sleep with the best of them. Cramér is my best little buddy and I will go to every length to make sure he is by my side for many years to come.

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