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Cooper was a 11 week old kitten who started showing symptom around 9 weeks of age. We originally took him to the vet because he was very ataxic. Once at the vet they ran blood work and xrays to rule out the different possibilities. At first the vet had thought that it was toxoplasmosis and put him on an antibiotic for two weeks. Before the two weeks were up Cooper had started to experience more sever symptoms (unable to move, eating cat litter, pale gums, cloudy eyes) instead of taking him back to the original vet, we took little Cooper to the ER where they did some more tests. After having the opinion of a few vets in the ER, they determined that he had FIP. That night we took him home with a steroid to spend a little bit more time with him. Unfortunately Cooper woke up on November 28, 2018 in a very unstable condition. We decided that in order to stop his suffering that it was in everyone’s best interest to let Cooper pass in comfort. We went to the vet where he was euthanized. He is very much in our hearts and we love him so so much. We are just glad that he is now comfortable, healthy and playing up in kitty heaven.