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Hello everyone, my name is Jojo and I reside in Washington, D.C.It was March 29th, 2022 my kitten Cookie who just turned 8 months on this day was diagnosed with wet FIP. She was taken to the vet again and had a x-ray done where they saw fluid in her abdomen and lungs.Cookie hasn’t been eating normal for 2-3 days, have been sitting in one spot mostly, has mild lethargy, she drinks a bit and does pee but that’s pretty much it. I initially thought it was tapeworms so I bought her the meds and been giving it to her, but today the vet once again confirmed her with having FIP.I was devasted by hearing it was incurable and became saddened by the news. I did so much research and ran across the FIP WARRIORS GROUP. I would do anything in my power to give my Cookie some more time.The vet we went to wanted me to just put her to sleep right after she mentioned it was FIP. But today 03/30/2022 I have gave Cookie her first dose and her voice was slightly coming back and she is moving around more.I have so much confidence this group will save my kitty and I am forever grateful for all the help from my admin and the groups.

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