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My beautiful kitty, cookie, was told by the doctors that fip is fatal and we should put him down before he gets any worse. This broke our hearts!! He is only 9 months old and lived with us for only 4, we have fallen so deeply in love with our little guy and were expecting to have him for a long long time. But there is still hope! We found this site and the Facebook group fip warriors and found out about gs injections and pills that can save his life! We got in touch with people to get started right away! But because these medicines aren’t fda approved yet they are crazy expensive and as a college student I have very limited funds. Every little bit donated could help save his life and make him much more comfortable! He got his first injection last night and is already eating more and showing more of his personality. I truly believe this drug can save him. Please consider donating whatever you can to our sweet sweet boy!

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