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One year ago today we took our barely 6 month old Cody to our local vet to look into his sudden pregnancy. He could only send us back home with a grim outlook of wet feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). Fortunately I was in the position to have UWM Veterinary School give him a diagnosis that gave him a chance, but they were not able to be directly involved in the treatment process. They were able to turn me on to the wonderful people on the FIP Warriors group, and with their help, we were able to not only treat, but cure Cody of his FIP by the end of January. He’s become quite the purry cuddle buddy & likes to play with the other kitties - something he’d have never really gotten the chance to do otherwise. We owe many thanks to the FIP Warriors Admin for their support and technical knowledge (& at some odd times of the day) and to our local vet who was more than happy to assist insofar as he could (& who has dubbed Cody the miracle kitty as he’s followed Cody’s progress & learned about the treatment possibilities).