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got Coal from a foster who had scheduled to have him euthanized. Emmaciated, severe diarrhea, fur coated with CBD oil. Weighed just under 2 pounds. Treated for parasites, worms, treated the diarreha, Appetite good. Stool soon became normal. Lab work normal at that time. Then kitten's weight shot up to 5 pounds within a week. Belly grossly distended. Vetted and labs revealed very high PCR coronovirus and labs suggested effusive abdominal FIP. Same admin I wasm working with for Grayson, worked with me for Coal, evcen though he did not have occular fip or neuro. Dose was 0.5ml sq daily. Within 15 days, belly shrank and weight was just under 3 pounds. Good appetite, active. Belly continued to decrease. Day 84 of treatment, Coal weighed 4#12ounces, and stayed at that weight for almost 2 weeks. He is now 8 days in observation. Weight today 5#9.2oz. No sign of relapse.