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Hello! Our new baby Clyde was diagnosed with a rare mutation of the Feline Corona Virus Called FIP, short for Feline Infectious Peritonitis. It has no cure. His breeder had bloodwork, and xrays done & for a couple days he was knocking at heaven's door. Not eating and a high fever. We almost thought we would never get to meet or hold him. But the breeder & I could not stand to see him suffer, euthanizing was just not an option. He deserved to live a long happy healthy life. Be deserved to grow up with our two children. After some research the breeder found a very expensive supplement, we decided not to give up and searched everywhere for this supplement. She discovered a group called FIP Warriors and she got her hands on the lifesaving  Mutian FIP Supplement. My life forever changed from that moment on, not only did he start eating but his fever disappeared ...there is a cure. This supplement is extremely expensive and most vets still don't know about the treatment as FIP still has limited research and most Vets have been told to just euthanize cats once the mutation occurs. These meds to date have saved 139 Cats IN CANADA and that does not include those around the world! These meds are to be taken for 84 days at a minimum of $2600, and have less then a 3% relapse rate & have a HIGH success rate. Please help me save our 4 legged family member, he is part of our family. A small donation goes a long way. FIP CATS CAN BE SAVED!!!

The breeder & I have been sharing costs but it getting to be overwhelming between meds, checkups, bloodwork and xrays. This would really help us enjoy time with him a lot more. It would mean so much. I have also set up a separate bank account for FIP. You can also make donations to

by PayPal or eTransfer.

Love Clyde & Family

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