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2 years ago my daughter Avery brought home a kitten (like kids do) thinking the kitten could just stay in her room and no one would notice. At first I was frustrated. We had two dogs and I hadn’t really cared for a cat before. But I fell in love with Cleo. Cleo was probably too young to be separated from her mother but the mother had stopped feeding her and I decided to try and care for her the best I could. Fast forward two years and this little girl is my best friend. She goes everywhere I go. I often ask my husband and daughter if it could be possible that she believes I’m her mother since she missed out on some of that vital time where cats just learn to be cats with their mama and siblings. Around two months ago we began to notice Cleo struggling to eat, as if her gums were sore, my husband read about stomatitis and we made a vet appointment no biggie. After a few failed rounds of antibiotics for her stomatitis treatment we decided to have
Cleo’s teeth extracted as most cats with pretty severe stomatitis require this as their body believes plaque is a foreign invader and has an over immune reaction.
When we took Cleo for her preop bloodwork we were blindsided with a FIP diagnosis as well. The vet suggested I make her comfortable, that there was nothing they could do.
We were devastated. I came home that day and decided to do a little research on her condition just so I could understand and found out that it was treatable, however, the FDA had not approved the treatment. I felt worse, knowing there was something out there to save her that I wouldn’t be able to get my hands on. Then I stumbled on the FIP Warriors Facebook group and was amazed at the organization and quickness that everyone worked together to get each kitty treatment and answer all the questions I had. It was truly miraculous.
Cleo was diagnosed on a Tuesday and I had vials of treatment in my hand on Wednesday. However, it’s very expensive. And the days are long. Please help us save her
Is help her.

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