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Clefairy, Primrose, Little Sue, Simone, and Chickadee

Hello!  I am a foster in Texas, and I was asked to share my current situation.  In March, we had a foster who developed FIP, having never seen FIP before, ever, I was fortunate enough for the rescue I work with to transfer him to an FIP foster who would treat him.  Afterwards, I continued our normal foster intake. We allow the foster kittens to run around after a brief quarantine and had no worries. In May, one of our fosters, Clefairy, was adopted. 1.5 weeks later, her adopted family reached out that she was lethargic, losing weight, and not eating.  I quickly took her back and upon bloodwork discovered that she had wet FIP.  I decided to learn how to treat it and I would continue to care for her.  When she was two weeks into treatment, her sister (my other foster) Simone, was suddenly losing weight.  I took both girls to the vet, I was given an A+ on Clefairy’s progress, however, Simone’s bloodwork indicated that she also had FIP.  I starts treatment on Simone that evening.  On that same vet appointment, I tagged along another foster of mine, Primrose, due to a high fever.  While her bloodwork was borderline for FIP, we decided to hold off on starting any treatment since she could just have a bad URI.  3 days later, Primrose, was have neurological episodes, and after reaching out to the vet, she decided that the onslaught of neuro effects in combination with the bloodwork warranted to start treatment as well.  At this point, I was feeling really overwhelmed.  Suddenly, I was treating 3 fosters! A week went by, and the routine got easier, I noticed Little Sue (yes, I have a lot of fosters) was making a crunching noise that is associated with dehydration.  Upon closer look, I noticed Little Sue had all the classic markers for a very advanced wet FIP, her skin was covered in Jaundice and her belly as round as a bowling ball.  We started treatment sans bloodwork that night and got her in the next day; her bloodwork confirmed Wet FIP.  I finally was feeling comfortable in my capabilities to treat my fosters and I was getting amazing results, but I worried about a 5th.  I was closely watching Chickadee.  Chickadee was seeking a bit lethargic, we went to the vet and didn’t see any signs or markers for FIP.  I celebrated a small victory of having just an URI.  Over one week later, Chickadee wasn’t improving, so I was feeding her separately and she was acting very strange.  The moment she looked at me, I knew that she was the 5th. Her eyes were different sizes, she was walking in a uncontrolled manner - I thought to myself, “what do I do?” I quickly contacted my admin, and we decided to begin GS, sans bloodwork again.  Chickadee was diagnosed with Dry FIP the following day.  I am treating 5 foster kittens for FIP.  I am scared of additional cats getting sick, my own cats have been exposed.  I am confident in my abilities to treat them, they are responding to GS, but I am not confident in my ability to cover this cost.  Anything helps cover the cost towards treating my 5 girls.  They deserve to live long healthy lives!

Clefairy, start date 5/25

Simone, start date 6/8

Primrose, start date 6/11

Little Sue, start date 6/18

Chickadee, start date 6/28

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