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Chuck was diagnosed with wet FIP (abdominal fluid) on 06/17/2019 and had 600 cc’s of fluid removed while at the emergency room. He was given days to weeks to live. I was absolutely devastated. After doing some research online, unable to accept his bleak prognosis, I was directed to a facebook group called FIP Warriors. Chuck began GS treatment on 06/24/2019 and made a drastic turn around within the first couple weeks of treatment. His fluid was gone by day 10, he began gaining healthy weight, and he was back to being the spunky little guy he used to be. He celebrated his first birthday on 06/29/2019 and I have hope now that he will see many more! Chuck’s A/G increased from 0.55 to 0.81 and all of his other lab values are now within normal limits. A massive thank you to Dr. Pedersen, the FB group and to all of the warriors (alive or across the bridge) that have paved the way for us. Chuck and I are forever indebted.