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We are from Kyoto, JAPAN and my 3 years old Christopher (calling him "Kuri-chan[栗ちゃん]" in Japanese) is a male orange tabby, is diagonised with FIP (wet) since the end of January 2020.  He is one of three kittens that I helped them grow three years ago working as the milk volunteer until they find their new homes. Other two of his brothers found their new home/owner, and I decided to adopt the third one, Christopher.

We are giving him the 84-days Mutian treatment started on the 31 Jannuary and he has completed just over 50 days treatment so far.  He has had to face very painful injections everyday, the treatment seems working and he is getting better little by little everyday but my financial resources/savings has almost running out that I am asking for the help.

Of course, I want to pay for my pet, and if I could work through day and night then I would, but I can't. I am very limited to work as I have an incurable disease myself that since my kidneys started to fail functioning when I was 12 years old, and now I have been on dialysis for the last 8 years since I was 37. I have had a total removal surgery for hyperparathyroidism, hypothyroidism, occlusion of blood vessels for dialysis, and perform general anesthesia more than 10 times. I am also hypersensitive due to high functioning autism. It is a kind of torture for people with hypersensitivity to continue with dialysis treatments.  

Nontheless, dispte all of my stupid health condition, my Christopher has played a huge role as the therapy cat in my life for the last three years. He heals me when I return home from four hours of dialysis treatments three times a week.

Since him coming to my life, Christopher has always been a healthy cat, and I made sure that he gets the pet's insurance for his life. But never expected him to have FIP disease... the disease which the insurance won't cover the non-approved drugs and the treatments which I cannot afford financially for another 40 something days.

I am desperate to ask for any support and donations at this time, also for any informations I can get. Even for a small donation, I really appreciate.

I wanted to create GoFundMe account but not possible from Japan as is not one of the supported countries by GoFundMe, so instead, I have created PayPal donation page.

Christopher is sincerely a FIP warrior and he is trying to prove that FIP is beatable. I cannot just lose him. Please help him. Please help us.
Please share, and spreads the words if you can.

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