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Hello friends, meet Spooky!

I adopted Spooky along with his brother, Cheetos, when they were 3 months old. They were a gift to my spouse and me as a congratulations for getting into Residency. After 3 weeks of having them, I noticed Spooky was in respiratory distress and took him to the ER. They found fluid in his chest cavity and were able to drain 65 mL, the rest was too close to his heart and the vet did not want to risk puncturing it. After analyzing the fluid and his bloodwork, he was diagnosed with wet FIP.

We prepared ourselves to support and spoil these cuties, however due to unforeseen health conditions we are finding ourselves in a financial dilemma. In addition to Spooky’s treatment, we recently found out Cheetos has a respiratory infection. We feel helpless as we have only had them for a month and a half. If you would like to read more about our story please click the link. Prayers, sharing this link, or donations if you are able are all appreciated. Thank you all so much.

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