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Charlie is a sweet, 1 year old boy that was abandoned in an apt. about 2 months ago with his brother Zeke. He was brought to me from another rescue . I cared for him and his brother for a month, until they were healthy enough to go to Petsmart for adoption through A Tail in Need.. After about a week and half or so there, I noticed he wasn’t himself, I assumed it was from all the moving around and being at Petsmart . He went to a foster and still seemed not himself after a few days. The foster took him to Avenue wellness hospital, where he stayed for 9 days. He had a high fever for a week and then he started with ataxia. There was no definitive diagnosis so we took him for a second opinion today at Cat hospital in Metairie . Dr. Miller there suspects neurological FIP. This is fatal if not treated. Treatment consists of approx 84 days of medication given through injection. This baby is the sweetest baby I have ever met. He deserves a chance… we started him on the treatment today. The treatment will be approx $3000. Please help us get Charlie the care he desperately needs to hopefully make a full recovery. Charlie and his brother Zeke deserve a family and a happy life.

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