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Today, 5th of June, 2021 is day 68th of FIP treatment for my boy Chakki.
He is sleeping all the time. He doesn't eat and drink water. His heart is full of liquid (pericarditis) as a result of the Calicivirus he has together with FIP or because his FIP medicine is under dosed or both.
Chakki is still on 6 mg/kg dosage. It had to be raised at least to 8 back on April 6th, when he was diagnosed also with Calicivirus but it was impossible for me to do it...
Chakki got back to his previous self from the treatment, but now he is getting worse day after day. If we don't raise his dosage as soon as possible, we won't be able to save him.
With the dosage upped, we will need 12 more vials, $90 each, to complete his treatment.
Please, help me save my Chakki!
Please, help me continue seeing him every day!

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Chakki's Instagram account: @pomoshchchakki