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Catthew FIP Warrior's Story Beginnings September of 2020 – I was running errands one day and stopped by Home Depot. While driving slowly through the parking lot, I noticed a small 5-6 week old kitten scurry under the vehicle in front of me. In a panic, I threw my car in park and ran towards the driver ahead, probably flailing like a crazy person. Luckily the driver stopped, allowing me to retrieve the exhausted kitten and bring him home. As we nourished the little guy back to health, my husband got attached and started calling him Catthew. It was then I knew this sweet kitty would become an official member of the household. Weeks later we adopted a sister for him. Death Sentence December 19, 2020 – Catthew began to run a fever, became lethargic, and lost interest in food and playing. All he wanted to do was sleep. His veterinarian diagnosed him with wet FIP, informing me that this disease is always fatal. We were sent home with pain meds to enjoy our last days together. New Found Hope December 22, 2020 – After coming to terms that we would have to say goodbye, I started to realize Catthew's new sister, Noire, would also grieve his loss and need a new playmate. I reached out to the organization we adopted her from to see if Noire's biolgical brother was still available and explained our situation. The representative told me FIP is no longer a death sentence and directed us to the FIP Warriors 5.0 group to start treatment. The results after only one dose were impressive. Our little guy ate part of his breakfast and seemed to have a little bit more energy. Within the first 72 hours and every day since he's had a big appetite and is back to his sweet and playful self! Catthew only has 3 weeks left of observation and we are feeling incredibly positive that he has been cured. There are so many people who helped along the way and we are grateful to each and every friend and/or person in the Warriors group who supported Catthew, his open-minded veterinarians who provided supplemental care even though they had never heard of GS, and to Spay and Neuter Nation for recommending FIP Warriors to us.