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Catimus Prime

Catimus Prime was at first misdiagnosed with a common respiratory infection, and after a period of weeks went by, he was immobile, unable to purr, and completely stopped eating. I took him in for a second evaluation and he was diagnosed with dry-form FIP, with all the hallmarks of neurological infection. After fervent tearful research, I contacted Dr. Pederson at U.C. Davis inquiring about the antiviral treatments and he sent me a pdf describing the black market production of gs441524. Prior to his response, I had stumbled across the ZenByCat website, and contacted Peter through the website; he responded SWIFTLY and told me how to connect to the FIP Warriors facebook group. I was able to get the gs441524 treatment (Mutian ll) shipped overnight and felt enormously better that there was hope, although I believed it was a longshot at the time. The first injection I gave Catimus was very traumatic for us both as I thought I had penetrated his lungs; however the DAY after his first shot, he was eating voraciously! The next 8 weeks giving Catimus Prime the injections caused me enormous stress due to performing the injections, the costs exceeding my income, and the uncertainty regarding the outcome. However, after 8 weeks of treating Catimus Prime at a +12 mg/kg dose, I had to throw in the towel to afford rent. Despite not making the full 12 weeks, Catimus has FULLY recovered and is eating, playing, purring, and cuddling better than ever! I am forever grateful for Peter's integral help in saving my cat.