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We adopted Buddy with his 2 siblings in 2012 from Bryn y maen rescue centre they were 4 mths old. The kittens were transferred to N. Wales rescue from another rescue in England following being removed from their owners for charges of abuse, unfortunately the owners began threatening the animals /staff at the rescue centre, hence why kittens were moved promptly We weren't going to the rescue with the intention to adopt 3 kits.. We had seen a a lovely black kitten and thought how adorable she was!! Only to be met by these 3 scared kittens who had gone through quite a lot in their short lives and we just couldn't separate them... They were coming home with us. ❤️❤️❤️ We now had Buddy, Coco, and Roxy.. They quickly settled within the house, became friends with residentcats but generally the 3 cats were cats were very close with each other. Buddy developed FLUTD in 2013 and ended up staying at vets for 5 days as he received treatment.. He had to be catherterised and put on Cystaid twice a day.. This managed his condition. After 6 months the vets reduced meds and he had a minor flare up, luckily all Buddy required was pain relief and going back on Cystaid . The initial trigger seemed to be stress related as there was lots of noise near back garden for few months, as road works were taking place. On 9th March 2015 our cat Coco was stolen, despite many searches no sightings. Buddy was quite Distressed during this time.. Lots of crying, following me to help me search. March 25th 2015- I notociced that Buddy had rapid weight loss, took him to vet they checked for all manner of illnesses inc, FIP.. He had full examination they were fairly positive he had Wet FIP , blood test and x-ray. Blood test sent to Dr D. Addie at Glasgow University - result promptly received which was positive for Wet FIP and Anaemia.. It seemed the anaemia was knocking him off his feet more than the FIP.. Buddy was started on FOI daily Oral, vit B12 injections, predinosone, I gave him Royal canin convalescent sachets, chicken, cooked liver, syringe fed him nutrition sachets and hydration sachets. Unfortunately our vet had a delay on treatment for anaemia, it took 4 weeks to arrive which played a massive role on Buddy generally wellbeing. Buddy got one dose of this. As he became more and more lethargic and depressed,I felt we needed to make a plan, I went into see Buddy all the other cats were around him just watching him sleep.. This to me was beautiful and meant it was nearly time. The following morning our vet came out and whilst My darling boy Buddy 💕was sleeping in my arms he passed with no pain or stress. Rest sweet boy.. Love you always