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Saving Señor Brian
Hi everyone! I hope all of your kitties are responding well to their treatments. Our 14 month old ferrel rescue kitten, Brian, was just diagnosed a week ago with wet/nuero fip. We just lost our 19 year old cat to renal failure after a 2 year battle 3 months ago. We are still grieving and this new diagnoses hit us hard. His meds were started right away and he is improving incredibly. Brian was found behind a CVS super young and we adopted him from a shelter. He has a cute little mustache and 7 toes on each of his front paws. He has really taken to our 15 month old daughter. We envisioned them growing up together. We wanted to give him a loving, comfy shot at life after his rough start in this world. We are already over $1000 into this with vet bills and meds. We started treating just for wet fip and then he started showing some nuero signs and had to almost double his meds. So 1 vile is lasting basically 2 days. We will be struggling to make sure he has all of his meds. Any and all prayers and donations would be greatly appreciated to give this sweet, ferrel turn around rescue a shot at life and help our daughter save her friend. We are a blended family with 6 kids living on 1 income. My husband was a fire fighter for Cal Fire for 26 years and had to retire after some major ptsd issues after the camp fire and many others before it. He was one of the first in and was on 60 min for the camp fire. He has been trying to start his own business and now my babies best friend is sick with a life or death illness so things are tight. Anyway, thank you for your time, prayers and possible contributions and God bless!

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