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We found out on Halloween that My furbaby Brewster has FIP. He has made it to day 21 of treatment which will hopefully cure him and let him live a long life. Hes looking a lot better but is hiding during med time. I have figured out that I need to fundraise around 1,134 dollars to finish his treatment. At the moment im on his last vial and im not sure what happe s if I can't get him more. $190 COVERS 2 VIALS which covers the better part of 2 weeks.
Please help me help my furbaby he isnt even 2yrs old yet and has had a rough life given he had his eye removed at devore before I adopted him and now this. Thanks for reading. . Im not really sure if Facebook is best place for this however if you can help me my PayPal is:
He also has a fundraiser set up on fb:

Any amount helps. Thanks for supporting Brewster recovery so my 1yr old can continue to grow up with him.

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