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In April 2017 at a child's birthday party, this sweet gray kitty was dumped by a woman in a car who drove away. He was taken by one of the children who had him in an open box. He was scared, and panting. They could not keep him due to severe allergies. We gave him water and brought him home with us. He was clean, flea free, his claws were trimmed; however, all of his whiskers were cut off! We quarantined him from the other furbabies and gave him lots of attention. He was taken to the vet for testing. He was given a clean bill of health, received everything he needed. He became a happy, loving, joyful cat and a part of our family. In March of 2018 he stopped eating and appeared fatigued. He was taken to his vet, tests ran and diagnosed with a bacteria infection and treated. He continued to get worse that first week. He was suspected FIP at this point, and an x-ray showed fluid in his abdomen and a positive PCR test for FIP. We tried to ease his symptoms, but he became anemic and the fluid spread. He passed March 15, 2018 at the vets office with the whole family with him. I cry writing this, it was traumatic in so many ways to watch him go from healthy and happy to suffering so quickly. We blamed ourselves, could we have prevented this? He never showed any signs! Never sick, he needed treatment for constipation once, but never vomiting or diarrhea, how could this happen? Our vet assured us there was nothing we could have done and nothing we did. While reassuring, it's difficult to get rid of those thoughts. He "adopted" our daughter and became her best friend through her worst times, she was devastated and collapsed onto the floor as he passed. I had never heard of this disease before, and pray for a cure. Bowie is missed terribly. He was 18 months old when he passed. His vet was incredibly supportive, who gave us a paw print, a clay paw imprint, and we received his ashes in a wooden engraved urn and a glass calming stone with his ashes with his eye color, green. In his too short life, he was happy and loving, and loved and spoiled. The universe seems so cruel sometimes...