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Boe was a bright eyed, beautiful little boy available at the shelter. I knew I had to have him the moment I seen him. He was welcomed into our home by our 5 dogs and 1 cat, Aero. They immediately fell in brotherly love! His first visit to the vet, and he checked out healthy and happy. Fiv and felv negative. After a month of enjoying his siblings, he became a tired little one. His belly grew and his energy and appetite went away. I knew something was wrong. As soon as I noticed the belly, I knew. Sunday, we pulled that dreaded yellow fluid out, and spent hours upon hours researching everytime we could. Ultrasounds, xrays, blood work. Fecals, you name it. All pointed to FIP. While we are still awaiting the officially fluid analysis, we are throwing every treatment we have at him. His fever broke before he came home, and his appetite is insatiable. His energy improves. I cant help but see the odds and cry myself sick, but I hold on to the hope he may survive, or the diagnosis is wrong. He is the sweetest little bundle of love ever imaginable. Prayers to all the FIP warriors out there. ❤