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I am here to tell you that miracles do happen. My dear Blacky was supposed to die on 23 Dec 2019, he was diagnosed neuro ocular FIP. It is strange how sometimes life helps you but eventually I was informed that an unofficial cure was available, costs were very high though and it was difficult to get it...nevertheless on 6 January we started. Blacky immediately improved and he grew stronger day by day. Unfortunately exactly after 30 days of the observation period he had a relapse. Wet FIP, with thoracic liquid. We immediately started the second cycle of therapy and got the same results: he felt well but after 1 month of observation he had the second relapse: Wet FIP, with abdominal liquid. Surrounded by generous and strong people we tried again. Same process. full therapy cycle, 1 month observation, relapse. It was self evident that Blacky's fip was resistant to the cure. We could only give up and let him go. But surprisingly we were given a new chance ....and here we are. After 3 relapses, 4 full GS cycles and 3 months observation WE MADE IT. Blacky was declared officially cured. MIRACLES DO HAPPEN if there is solidarity, strenght, faith and love. A huge and heartfelt thank you to the special people that shared this experience with me supporting, advising, encouraging .... I will be grateful forever