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I'll never forget the day Bijou looked up at me from his window perch, and his beautiful blue eyes looked so sick (you know how you can tell). I picked him up and put him in my lap, soon noticing how very hot he was. He was also quite lethargic. I crated him up and drove to the animal ER, where copious amounts of labs were drawn, and x-rays taken. The vet tentatively diagnosed him with probable FIP, and someone gave me the name of FIP Warriors. I reached out to them, and was skeptical, but able to order GS for injection. The next day I took him to his regular vet who blew off ER's suspicions, and who, without testing, diagnosed and medicated him for Toxoplasmosis, instead. 2 days later we saw a third vet who tested him. Negative for toxo titer and positive for FIP. By this time I had, and was giving the GS. A few days later, he became very lethargic again, so back to ER we went. They put him on fluids overnight, and suggested I euthanize my baby boy; I told the vet I could NOT do that, yet, and that I had to have faith and hope in the GS. They allowed me to inject his nightly dose, there. By the next morning he had perked up considerably, and the rest is history! Bijou continued to improve over the 84 days of treatment, weight increased from 7.5 to 9#. He is active and playful, and a sweet lap kitty. I shudder to think what would have happened had I not listened to my admins. I'm very grateful for the Facebook groups, to Dr. Niels Pedersen, and to my knowledgeable admins, Robin Kintz and Nicole Jacque, and well as my moderator, Tami Zimmerman-Zale, and FIP parents I've made friends with, along the way. Without these people in our lives, this deal would not have ended on such a positive note!! Thank you all!! ❤💙💜