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Beth, on Day 4 of Observation as of July 4, 2021, was diagnosed with wet/neuro FIP in early April 2021. She had 84 days of treatment (shots for 33 days and then switched to pills for the remainder of treatment). Her symptoms in the beginning were fluid in the abdomen, lethargy, loss of appetite and eventually staggering walk.  She also had uneven pupils. She responded very quickly to the treatment. The fluid disappeared after a couple of weeks, her eyes are fine and she is an energetic, playful, crazy (in a good way) kitten.  She is now about 7 months old.  When diagnosed, at about 3 months old, she was 2.8 pounds. Now she is 6 pounds. I hope that her observation period goes smoothly and that we can declare her 100% cured on September 22!  She was my foster cat when I met her on March 8.  I adopted her on her 84th day of treatment. She teaches me to be strong, because she is an amazing warrior, so I better keep her around!  

UPDATE: After final blood work on September 18 and reaching 84 days of observation on September 22, 2021, Beth was officially considered cured of FIP. Congratulations, Warrior Beth!