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His name is Bernie We rescued Bernie from Egypt he was only 14 months when this silent killer took him away a one suddenly , we had him for 5 months 😢 just over a week ago he was a normal lively cat then we noticed his legs were all wobbly so we rushed him to the vet. She said she felt a huge mass on his tummy, so she did x ray, scan, and blood tests she said she suspected FIP, we took him home. We have never seen a cat go down hill so quickly it was heartwrenching, yet he was still purring his little heart off 😢 on Monday he could hardly walk, I rang up and it was confirmed FIP, that day I loved him, cuddled him and told him he would be in our hearts forever. We took him to the vet in the evening, there was nothing that cold be done as he was so small and weak, we had to make the most heartbreaking decision to put him to sleep forever 😢 😢 I cuddled him to the end. He will be coming home to us forever in a few days, the thing that makes this story so sad is that he had such a bad start to his life, he got rescued by Safe Haven Egypt off the streets and then we adopted him to come and start his new life with us 😢 😢 we love you Bernie, you will be in our hearts forever RIP little man and sleep tight 😢 💔