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Berlioz “Burrito” Mullins

It’s still mind blowing how fast this all happened. I rescued burrito as a kitten in 2017. I brought him and his biological sister home days before my 20th birthday. They were the BEST gifts I could have ever given myself. Time went on and burrito was the healthiest, most outgoing, most energetic, snuggle bud there ever was. He slept ever night right by me, he especially loved being curled up in my armpit or resting his head on my hand. Fast forward to June of 2019... I left town for a long weekend to be with my family as we buried my great aunt. I can home on a Sunday and burrito seemed like his normal self. Monday evening, o noticed he had spent majority of the day in bed. I thought it was odd, but he seemed fine. The following morning, I realized he hadn’t moved. I realized that also meant limited litter box use and not a lot of eating. Let me tell you, that boy could EAT!!!!! He loved food. I didn’t notice an obvious temperature when I held him. I took him out on my back deck (he loved being out there with me) and I noticed he didn’t perk up to his normal self. I immediately called my vet and they got me in within 30 minutes! They’re amazing! He had a temperature of 105.2. I then found out he was 8.5 pounds, when he’s always been about 10. We ran some tests.... and he tested positive for FCoV (feline corona virus). I was emotional, but positive. I’ve had lot of cats, my family has had lots of cats, and this was our first experience with it. Burrito was put on Doxycycline and Appetite stimulants. He would only eat (garlic and onion free) baby food. I occasionally had to syringe feed it to him. The medicine didn’t help, the steroid injection didn’t help, and neither did the convena (or however it’s spelt) injection. One eye started to turn yellow... he had beautiful green eyes. He pee was extra yellow and foamy. My vet determined he had dry form FIP. I joined FIP Facebook groups and shared his info and his blood work hoping that someone had experienced what we were experiencing, but had a misdiagnosis. Unfortunately, burrito perfectly lined up with dry form FIP. I even sought out a second vet. The weight continued to drop, he would not eat, I force fed him prescription food, the weight still continued to drop, and my poor baby quickly went downhill. We spent his last days cuddling and enjoying that sunshine! Burrito eventually started gagging himself as I would feed him, to keep from eating. I let the fight go. He dropped down to 6 pounds, I could see his hip bones and his back leg bones. Both eyes started to turn yellow... I noticed blood in one eye... my baby would lay in my lap and blankly stare out into space. I couldn’t get him to focus on me. He grew very weak. He couldn’t get in and out bed, he struggled to walk from one room to the next, and it got to the point I would routinely carry him to his water fountain, his litter box, and then back to where we were sitting/sleeping. I woke up every few hours to make sure he had what he needed. Burrito first showed signs Monday, June 25th. Sunday, July 14th 2019, I woke up extremely early and checked on burrito. I could feel liquid like droplets on his blankey. I picked him up and he was wet. Then, I noticed a pee spot in his blankey. Burrito was so weak he could not even pick him self up to potty. My poor baby had slept in his own urine. I cleaned him up, took him to potty, took him to his fountain, threw his blankey in the wash, got out a different blankey, and we went back to bed. I woke up four hours later to see that my poor baby had once again struggled. He was so weak. We went back through the routine we had previously gone through, and he started to cry out. He was so weak his voice could not make a very audible sound, but I know my baby and I could hear the very faint cries... he had tried for weeks to be strong... he didn’t want to leave me... but that Sunday I could tell my baby was hurting and he was done. I watched him stumble and fall out of his litter box. He looked almost dizzy the way he bobbled around even when standing still. I called our vet and took burrito in to be out to sleep. I held him the whole drive there. I loved on him. I stayed by his side as he peacefully crossed the rainbow bridge. I hated to do this... but I hated to see how bad he was suffering. His bones were sticking incredibly far out. I had him cremated and now have his ashes. It’s hard to believe we will never snuggle again and I’ll never hear that meow. I miss him. I’ll always miss him. In his honor, I will share his story! I will advocate to bring an approved cure and help make sure no other cat parent or fur baby has to experience this pain!